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Anonymous inquired:

I love how you're only cherry picking the negative stories from thedukecambridge to suit your agenda. What about this for example. A named source where Harry is a dick and prejudiced: thedukecambridge(.)tumblr(.)com/post/100372389258/prince-william-has-been-embroiled-in-the

Oh I am sorry for putting the articles I wanted to reblog on my blog, I am so sorry I thought this was my blog not yours and that I could reblog what I wanted. 

Silly me, would you like me to make you an admin and you can post what you want on my blog? 

But if you actually care about why I post things that do not suit your agenda, I am reblogging the articles I have NOT posted before and also the stories NOT mentioned before on my blog. 

Just for your information and excuse my behaviour as that seems to be what you would like me to do. 

I have reblogged and discussed that article before.

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